Komfi mattresses set sail on the high seas!

Not content with easing the weary bones of many a land-lubber, Komfi mattresses are now making waves in the seafaring community, ensuring luxury yacht owners in Majorca get a good night’s sleep.

Komfi were handpicked by leading yacht linen and bedding providers Elite based on the quality of our products, the exceptional service we provide and our ability to custom make mattresses to fit any super yacht.

We aim to ensure that captain, crew and guests enjoy a home from home on the high seas, and a peaceful slumber each night. (Unless there’s a Force 10 gale going on outside of course!)

Much to the disappointment of our sales manager Chris, a trip to an exotic location to ‘measure up’ is not part of the service provided. Komfi are instead consulted to offer expert advice on the best mattress choice following a meeting between the Elite team and the yacht owner.

Once agreed Komfi then manufacture and ship the mattresses to their new water-based homes. We really ‘float their boats’!!

GNG Group Komfi mattresses for luxury yacht supplier Elite
GNG Group Komfi mattresses for luxury yacht supplier Elite