Improve your mattress range with our carbon neutral mattresses.

The portrayal of climate change in news and media has informed and repositioned consumer preferences. Recent demand for sustainable alternatives and eco-friendly bedding has increased globally with a revenue forecast of $1.1 billion by 2025 and with Europe having a significant market share it is a fair prediction that this growth and customer trend is still set to scale.


The sustainable sleep industry

Alongside this there has been a growing awareness about the importance of sleep and how it affects our health, resulting in shoppers now being more willing to invest into higher quality products that last longer and have positive effects on their lives as well as the world they live in. At GNG Group we understand why retailers have focused on expanding their sustainable bedding stock and are implementing innovative approaches and partnerships in order to maximise their competitive advantage. That is why our new carbon-neutral certified mattress is the perfect fit for mattress brands and retailers across the UK.


GNG Group’s new carbon-neutral certified mattresses.

Through innovative research and development with our partners and production team, we have created a sustainable mattress range that now produces a fraction of the carbon footprint relative to regular foam based products, perfect for the modern-day bedding market. Our carbon-neutral mattress base is made from 100% recyclable British re-engineered ‘Ecofoam’.


How to stock the new carbon-neutral certified mattress

Delivering our vision of maximising sustainable practices in mattress manufacturing, our carbon-neutral certified line is now a key piece in our mattress offering available to retail, trade, and contract customers. 

If you are interested in stocking, get in touch with Tracy O’Hara and our sales team or:

Call: 01924 950300 



GNG Group Carbon Neutral Certified Mattresses 2
GNG Group Carbon Neutral Certified Mattresses 2