GNG launches new KomfiMed range

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of mattresses and an approved supplier to the NHS, GNG has launched its brand new KomfiMed range.

Using its extensive experience in the medical sector, GNG has developed the range inhouse at its purpose-built Yorkshire manufacturing facilities. KomfiMed is a market-first product, combining medically-proven foam with TrueGel technology, as well as giving the environmental benefits of eco foam. The products have been designed to deliver outstanding pressure relief while minimising motion transfer and regulating temperature to provide a peaceful night’s sleep.

Specifically engineered for enhanced support, the KomfiMed range provides excellent spinal alignment and relieves stress on joints. A highly advanced material known for its exceptional comfort and therapeutic benefits, medically-proven foam is crafted with precision and adherence to strict quality standards. It offers a supportive sleep surface while conforming to the body’s contours. The range is available in soft, medium and firm option.

“As an NHS approved supplier, we have a long track record supplying the medical sector and have provided some 70,000 products to the NHS this year alone,” explains Richard Gretton, commercial director of GNG. “We wanted to bring this proven technology to the consumer market at a competitive price. KomfiMed is a truly unique product, combining the benefits of medically-proven foam with our exclusive TrueGel technology and ‘green’ Ecofoam. As innovators in the mattress industry and with our strong track record in healthcare, our inhouse team have been able to develop an exciting and unique addition to our range.”
The KomfiMed mattress adapts to the body

KomfiMed’s specialised TrueGel layer offers exceptional temperature regulation properties, dissipating excess heat and maintaining a cool and comfortable sleeping surface. TrueGel also provides targeted pressure relief as it adapts to the body's contours, evenly distributing body weight and reducing pressure points, helping to alleviate discomfort, muscle tension and giving a more relaxed and soothing sleep experience. Finally, TrueGel enhances motion isolation by absorbing and minimising the transfer of movements - a particular benefit for couples.

Manufactured in the UK, all of GNG’s mattresses meet the highest standards of quality and safety, undergoing rigorous testing and adhering to stringent regulations to provide a trusted and reliable sleep solution.

The new KomfiMed range is available for customers to view either at GNG’s showroom in Normanton, West Yorkshire, or on GNG’s stand at the upcoming NBF Bed Show in Telford in September. To find out more, contact GNG Group

GNG launches new KomfiMed range for pressure relief
GNG launches new KomfiMed range for pressure relief