GNG Group sign the Pledge for Our Planet

As a member of the National Bed Federation, GNG Group is proud to have signed the recently launched industry wide ‘NBF Pledge for Our Planet’.

The NBF Pledge covers five key areas of commitment for all businesses who sign up;

• Become a more sustainable business
• Reduce their global warming impact
• Reduce waste
• Reduce their products’ impact on the environment
• Take responsibility for their actions

GNG Group MD Darren Potterton: ‘’Signing the pledge further demonstrates our commitment to becoming a more sustainable business and reducing our products’ impact on the environment. As an industry we need to take steps in reducing the global environmental damage and GNG are proud to be part of this latest initiative’’.

NBF President Jim Gerety: “There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that our planet is warming at an unsustainable rate and the quality and quantity of natural habitats is in decline. The NBF Pledge signifies a collective effort to commit to a journey of continuous environmental improvement at both a company and product-level to reverse these trends. It has also been designed to future-proof the industry for upcoming legislation and market changes.”

Sitting behind each of these five pledges are a set of specific ‘core’ and ‘advanced’ actions and targets to be achieved within two- and five-year time frames. 

There are additionally progressive targets for halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2050, in line with Science-based Targets Initiative.

GNG Group sign the National Bed Federation Pledge for our Planet
GNG Group sign the National Bed Federation Pledge for our Planet