GNG Group is pioneering manufacturing technologies.

GNG Group has consistently invested in new and pioneering technologies that improve the quality of our products and the efficiency of our manufacturing processes. This innovative mindset which is core to our business improves our capabilities and success for the group and our customers alike.

In the past year alone, we’ve invested in CNC and automated fabric cutting machinery that vastly improves our technical capability and capacity. Further investment into pioneering digital print technology has also improved the quality and durability of our performance foam products throughout the sports, safety, healthcare and mattress divisions.

In a recent Telegraph article Martin Walder, vice president of industry at Schneider Electric says “Using the latest technologies to increase productivity is no longer just a desirable advantage: it’s a must.” This is very much our mindset at GNG Group and has resulted in innovative new products such as Hit360 tackle pads and our Eco Sleep mattress.

At GNG we are proud to be a trailblazing SME at the forefront of applying groundbreaking technology to grow the manufacturing sector in the UK.

A report by the Boston Consulting group (BCG) suggested that Britain could use technology to increase industrial efficiency by up to 25pc, seeing manufacturing sector growth of up to 3pc per year. And industry publication The Manufacturer suggests that if current growth trends continue, Britain could break into the world’s top five industrial nations by 2021.

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GNG Group CNC machine
GNG Group CNC machine