GNG Group launches carbon neutral certified mattresses

GNG Group has launched it’s first carbon neutral certified mattresses.Working closely with their partners they have developed innovative eco-friendly foam products that are used in their range of eco-mattresses.

Certified by Carbon Footprint and creating a fraction of the carbon footprint of regular foam, the carbon neutral certified mattresses are economically viable to offset. 

British-made re-engineered ‘Ecofoam’ forms the mattress base and is 100% recyclable. Select mattresses include covers featuring Seaqual™ yarn, a fibre made from plastic waste retrieved from the ocean. The foam and cover components of the carbon neutral certified mattresses are 100% recyclable at end of life so won’t end up in landfills, incinerators or the sea.

Part of GNG Group’s vision is driving more innovative and sustainable mattress production and the ecofoam and carbon neutral certified mattresses are now an integral part of GNG Group’s mattress offering, available to retail, trade and contract customers. 

Group Chairman Mr Whittell said, “These elements play an important part in our drive towards ethically designed mattresses which are better for the environment. We will continue to research and innovate, sharing knowledge across our specialist divisions, to enhance and support our carbon footprint standard.”

In 2020, during the height of the coronavirus pandemic when GNG Group were working 24/7 to manufacture mattresses for the NHS, the business was certified a carbon neutral organisation, a huge achievement in such challenging times.

GNG Group Carbon Neutral Certified Mattresses 3
GNG Group Carbon Neutral Certified Mattresses 3