Bradbury Birthing Couches

The Bradbury Birthing Couch has become a staple birthing aid in NHS centres and private trusts across the UK. Developed in conjunction with a practicing midwife involved in active birth, the Bradbury Birthing Couch helps mothers to find the most comfortable position during labour, and provides a relaxing place for those precious first moments together.

Birthing couch specification

  • Visco elastic interior reacts to body heat to give cushioned comfort whilst kneeling, sitting or resting
  • High density CMHR foam base below gives support and durability. This foam adheres to the strictest fire regulations
  • Latex-free, 2 way stretch vapour permeable cover with high frequency welded seams to prevent fluid ingest
  • Available as both left and right versions

Birthing couch key features

  • Unique design for active birth, allowing for complete freedom of movement
  • Sculpting of the lower end gives a generous platform for the midwife to work if episiotomy is required
  • Easy-clean cover using a neutral detergent solution and hot water, as directed by the Department of Health. Each couch comes with printed care instructions
  • Can support weight of up to 285kg
  • Replacement covers available


  • British manufacturer with over
  • 40 years’ experience
  • 2 year warranty
  • Meets fire regulations: BS EN597-prts 1&2 (1995) and BS6807 (1996)

Optional enhancements

Birthing mats

Standard birthing mats available as 5ft x 5ft or 6ft x 6ft

Bradbury birthing bed cover

An encompassing cover to hold the insert and couch together as part of the Bradbury Birthing Bed Set.

Bradbury birthing bed insert

An additional insert which extends the Bradbury Birthing Couch into a standard width double bed. This is a popular addition as it allows for the item to be utilised on an evening by new families. The bed is simple to construct and take apart, and the insert is fairly lightweight.

Welded memory foam topper

The Memory Foam Topper adds additional comfort to the Birthing Bed set, creating a relaxing place for new families to rest and sleep. The topper measures 1350mm x 2300mm to fit the Bradbury Birthing set, and comes with welded wipe-down waterproof cover.

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GNG Group Bradbury Birthing couch
GNG Group Bradbury Birthing couch