Production Controller

Full Time: Monday to Friday 40 hours per week.

Salary: Dependent on skill and experience.

Holiday: 29 days per annum (includes Bank Holidays)

We are looking for a Production Controller to coordinate health and safety, employee inductions, stock control and pricing, supplier appraisals and business audits.

Reports to:

  • Operations Manager 


Health & Safety

  • Implement and oversee health & safety policies, ensuring compliance.
  • Conduct safety inspections, risk assessment and identify training
  • Foster a culture of safety awareness and secure work environment.


  • Design and conduct comprehensive employee inductions.
  • Ensure consistent and effective onboarding aligned with company policies.
  • Enhance induction processed based on feedback and needs.
  • Agency control.

Stock control and pricing

  • Monitor and manage inventory levels to meet demands.
  • Establish competitive pricing aligned with market trends and goals.
  • Analyse sales data and inventory reports for informed decisions.

Supplier Appraisals

  • Evaluate suppliers based on quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Manage supplier relationships and terms for timely material delivery.
  • Strengthen the supply chain and minimise disruptions.

Business Audit

  • Prepare and lead internal and external audits for operational standards.
  • Implement corrective actions based on audit findings.
  • Align practices with industry best practices and legal requirements.

To apply for this job please email or call 01924 950 300

Closing Date
15th December 2023

On Application

Employment Type
Full Time