Who we are

Over the years we have established ourselves a leader in the healthcare, sports, mattress and softplay industries. We are a UK manufacturer with a 30,000ft² production facility with over 100 employees. Continued investment in the latest foam conversion technology enables us to manufacture quality products at high volumes. We currently produce in excess of 100,000 mattresses per annum. Our product development team carries out all design and testing in-house enabling to prove cost effect solutions.


  • Plyo exercise boxes
  • Rugby post protectors
  • Contact Shields
  • Gym mats


  • Hospital and health mattresses
  • Pressure relieving pads and cushions
  • Foam bed bumpers and support wedges


  • Children’s soft play equipment
  • Children’s play mats


  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Pocket sprung mattresses
  • Pillows

Through everything we do, we strive to ensure that environmentally friendly products are offered whenever possible. We are confident that you can benefit from our specialist foam conversion services and dedicated customer support. We are committed to continuously setting higher and higher standards.

If you would like more information, please email us info@gng-group.co.uk or call 01924 950 300