Over the last 35 years we have established ourselves as an international brand leader in the healthcare, sports, safety, and lifestyle industries. We manufacturer all our products in the UK, and have a 30,000ft² manufacturing facility in Wakefield.

With over 100 employees, and the latest foam conversion equipment we are able to produce high volumes of quality foam products, with an efficient turnaround. We currently produce over 100,000 mattresses per year, and supply our foam products both nationally and internationally.

Our product development team carries out all product design and testing in-house, and GNG’s experience and skill has ensured our continued growth and investment in design and foam conversion technology. GNG supplies to a number of key industries requiring foam based solutions, and within each industry we are a valued and trusted supplier of a number of specialist products.

what-we-do - Rugby-pads.pngwhat-we-do - Rugby-post-pads.pngwhat-we-do - Netball-post-pads.pngwhat-we-do - Soft-plyo-boxes.pngwhat-we-do - Crash-mats.pngwhat-we-do - Martial-arts-contact-pads.pngwhat-we-do - Tackle-bags.pngwhat-we-do - Punch-bags.pngwhat-we-do - Gym-mats.pngwhat-we-do - Fitness-tyres.pngwhat-we-do - Core-cubes.pngwhat-we-do - Advertising-prisms.pngwhat-we-do - Bariatric-mattresses.pngwhat-we-do - Back-support-wedges.pngwhat-we-do - Birthing-couches.pngwhat-we-do - Mattress-infills.pngwhat-we-do - Birthing-mats.pngwhat-we-do - Leg-support-wedges.pngwhat-we-do - Paediatric-mattresses.pngwhat-we-do - Bedrail-bumpers.pngwhat-we-do - Overlay-mattresses.pngwhat-we-do - Hospital-mattress.pngwhat-we-do - Positioning-wedges.pngwhat-we-do - Safety-mats.png

  • Custom branded sports equipment
  • Contact Shields
  • Gym mats

  • Hospital and health mattresses
  • Pressure relieving pads and cushions
  • Foam bed bumpers and support wedges

  • Custom branded safety equipment
  • Safety pads
  • Post protectors

  • Children’s soft play equipment
  • Children’s play mats

  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Memory foam sleep accessories
  • Luxury latex foam mattress

Through everything we do, we also strive to ensure that environmentally friendly solutions are offered wherever possible. This means that we make sure foam off cuts are recycled, as well as all recyclable products within the business. We also look to purchase recycled goods whenever the opportunity is available to us.

At GNG we are confident that you can benefit from our specialist foam conversion services and dedicated customer support. We are committed to continuously setting higher and higher industry standards in product innovation and quality, as well as offering exceptional customer service. We welcome you to contact us for a quote today.