Komfi at Harrogate Nursery Fair

With just one month until the UK’s biggest nursery trade event, don’t forget to pencil Harrogate Nursery Fair, from 27th to 29th March, firmly into your diary as a must attend event for everyone involved in the nursery industry.


This year will be the biggest on record, with over 200 exhibitors including all of the big names such as Silver Cross, Dorel, Boori and Bugaboo as well as numerous new companies exhibiting exciting and innovative products for the first time. Komfi have announced they are to exihibit for the first time this year. The 2011 show also promises a truly international feel with a significant increase in overseas exhibitors too. In fact, Harrogate Nursery Fair is the only UK trade event providing nursery buyers and independent retailers the opportunity to view products from all of their favourite suppliers all under one roof.

Harrogate Komfi

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