In an increasingly health and safety conscious society, there is no better time than the present to find out what GNG safety pads can do for your business.

Calling all head teachers, nursery managers, factory owners and construction contractors running a business where there is the opportunity for injury. If you are looking for padding or protection for any surfaces where people are at risk of accidental impact, we have the ideal solution for you.

At GNG, we offer you total peace of mind with our range of foam filled safety products, which will ensure that you are complying with all the required safety regulations. This will help you avoid costly compensation battles as well as reduce your insurance premiums.

Made from high impact absorbent foam, our safety pads are incredibly hard-wearing, featuring reinforced PVC rip-stop covers. We are able to manufacture to any shape or size and offer creative design solutions to ensure that they are easily attachable and removable.

Not only do we make robust safety padding, which will greatly reduce the impact of collision with most obstacles, but we also understand the business value and potential advertising revenue which personalised branding can bring to such products, considering the high exposure that they can receive. Whether you would like to advertise a sponsor, client or your own brand, our in-house design and printing service will cater to your bespoke branding requirements.

We supply the following products as well as offer bespoke solutions for those with unique specifications:

  • Post protectors
  • Pole protectors
  • Column padding
  • Goal post pads
  • Scaffolding protection
  • Wall or corner pads
  • Custom foam padding
  • Car park paddings

As well as providing white label to key accounts, we supply through our own brand, Safety-Pads. Putting safety first, our Safety-Pads brand supplies innovative, top quality safety padding to schools and nurseries, the construction industry, factories and the workplace, and to key national re-sellers.

Schools and Nurseries safety padding

For the safety of children, and in order to avoid expensive litigation costs, schools and nurseries are required to cover up any exposed posts, pillars and columns. We provide securely fixed impact resistant soft padding, made to fit exact potential impact zones, as well as offer a standard range of square and cylindrical column and post protectors. For schools and nurseries, our bright and colourful covers are in keeping with the environment and provide a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

Construction and Building safety padding

Health and Safety precautions on construction sites have increased in recent years with post and scaffolding padding now a legal requirement for most insurance companies. Our high impact, reinforced foam padding with waterproof covers are an effective solution for ensuring public safety around scaffolding posts, and can be branded with your logo or used to advertise your client or sponsor’s company.

Factories and Workplaces safety padding

Posts, pillars and columns in factories and workplaces are potentially hazardous to staff and visitors, and failure to cushion exposed posts can be very expensive. Safety pads can cover pillars and low beams in offices or workspaces where there is the risk of staff bumping into them.

Safety Pads Case Studies

Cliff Pre-Preparatory School in Wakefield commissioned us to make safety foam pads for a number of posts in their playground walkway, to reduce the risks of children being injured. We fitted a number of different sized, brightly coloured PVC covered foam post protectors and the school was delighted with the results, which were a brighter and safer environment.

At car garages Bentley and Ferrari, even the slightest impact or dent on one a vehicle can cause significant damage and cost to the business. We provided safety padding for posts within their car showrooms to prevent cars from knocking or car doors opening into them.

Our safety foam pads have also been used in a large car fleet company car park where vehicles are constantly moved around, reducing the risk of damage to the cars and the consequential uninsured losses.
Make sure your business is safe visit our Safety Pads website for a no obligation quote today.