CountryCoat2Syria – Charity Collection

GNG Group - Collect coats for Syria

This week saw GNG Group of Wakefield donate over 160 coats to Syria Relief via the CountyCoats2Syria initiative. The coats were collected from staff, family and friends, and will be making their way to the refugee camps within Syria for displaced families, many of who had to flee their homes with only the clothes they wore to face the harsh winter zero temps.

A little about Country Coats 2 Syria


Country Coats 2 Syria is a fantastic initiative which sees the rural community coming together to offer a practical response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria. They organise collections of coats from groups and organisations who feel that this is a cause worth supporting and have a coat or coats to spare.

Winter in Syria is cold, and it is humbling to think that the simple gift of a coat could mean the difference between life and death for a small child in Syria this winter.

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